Thursday, September 9, 2010

Modular Home Built by Students

One of the really great programs that High Schools, Trade Schools and Colleges and Universities offer is a Construction class which allows students to actually build a house from start to finish. These programs have been going on for years across the U.S. Recently, more of the schools have been building modular homes as the focus on Green Building has increased. Sometimes the modular homes are built in a residential neighborhood and sometimes they are built at a location near the school and moved to their final location when the home is purchased. There are several different methods used by the schools to sell the completed modular homes. Some schools work with a group like Habitat for Humanity and build the home for a specific family that shows they need an affordable home. Other schools sell raffle tickets and give the home away in a drawing. Other schools sell the house at auction or list it with a local realtor. Then when the modular home is sold, the school takes the proceeds and uses it to buy materials for the house they will built in the upcoming school year. Many times these houses can be a very good deal for the buyer since much of the labor involved in building the home is free labor supplied by the students. Since the homes are built under the supervision of instructors and local contractors that donate their time the houses are built to the same high quality as a modular home built in a factory. To see some student built houses that have recently been completed and are now for sale go to

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