Monday, May 21, 2012

Modular Log Homes

A product that I've been seeing a lot more lately is the modular log home. These are log homes that are put together in a factory environment then transported to the home site and placed on the foundation, which has been prepared in advance using a large crane. I have written about modular log homes before on the but I was reminded of them recently when I came across a website for Alan's Factory Outlet of Luray Virginia (I'm guessing that is the town with the famous Luray Caverns). I know it seems like a strange name for a modular home or log home company, but after looking at their website I found the information provided very interesting. Unlike many other builder's websites there is a lot of detailed information regarding pricing, along with tons of great pictures, testimonials and plans. They sell all kinds of buildings such as sheds, garages, barns and gazebos in addition to the log homes and modular log homes. As with any modular home company, you have to be careful to read all of the details so you know exactly what is included, but this company does a great job of including pricing information on all the available options and upgrades. They even offer free shipping on modular log homes to 21 counties in Virginia and West Virginia. If nothing else, this is a great website to give you an idea of which options cost the most so no matter who you buy your modular home from you will have an idea going in whether you consider certain options (for example the swinging french patio doors something you can't live without). Check out the Alan's Factory Outlet here for their deals on Modular Log Homes . And just for the record, I am not in any way associated with the company, I just ran across the website as I was doing some research for and found it interesting. (And I realized I had not made an entry on this blog in months). thats all for now, I'll be back soon.

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  1. I always dreamed of having a log home. And I prefer modular log homes because they are energy- efficient and space saving. Try to check where I got mine.